Advantages of Micro Productivity

Some tasks seem so big and daunting that postponing the start just seems to make sense.


Have you ever heard “I don’t want to start it until I can finish it”? While that may be perfectly efficient for some projects it may not be the best way to think about all projects.

What’s the alternative?

Micro Productivity

“Breaking tasks down helps us to see large tasks as more approachable and doable, and reduces our propensity to procrastinate or defer tasks, because we simply don’t know where to begin,” explains Melissa Gratias, Ph.D., a workplace productivity coach and speaker.

There was a time when I developed a little trick to get me going on my project. I left off the first item on the list until I thought of something that would be easy and enjoyable. Usually that ended up being an espresso. I could make the espresso sit down and get ready to work, and BOOM! First item done. The most logical thing to do, now that I had momentum going was to move on to the second.

Not that I’m promoting espresso, but it does have the added advantage of providing an energy boost to get through that list.

Breaking down the task into steps that make sense and that you can accomplish in succession will allow you cross items off your list and get that good feeling as your brain releases dopamine. It will also motivate you to continue that good feeling and move on to the next item.

Just be sure the items you are working on are propelling you forward to accomplish worthwhile activities that will get you closer to accomplishing your goals.

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Keep on keeping on …and get to that next item.