Comfort Zones and Getting to the Source

A Different look at Comfort Zones

Just this week I found an article from Hal Gregersen, the Executive Director MIT Leadership Center, which reminded me something I wrote in 2011.

“When new methods of exploration are employed new discoveries are made.”

The inspiration had something to do with looking at cities with different eyes, as opposed to visiting the city….living in the city. A simple change in perspective but it completely changed how I saw the city.

Hal Gregersen writes: It’s easy to grow comfortable in our very own information bubbles. But the MIT Leadership Center’s Hal Gregersen argues that, to grow and improve, we must break out of that comfort zone once in a while and explore new territory. “Too many leaders get their information catered — picked, prepared, and plated for them in the way they’ve already indicated they’ll find palatable. To fight back, they need to get out into the field, gathering raw stuff on their own.”      Full article

This week:

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