Design your Sales Process to Close more Sales!

Happy Thursday morning. Lots of Saint Patrick’s Day parties going on this weekend so be care out on the roads, and keep safe.

Last time we went through the first of Three Challenges Every Small Business Faces. Continuing on the theme the second challenge is the lack of a defined Sales Process. 

So, how do you get started creating a sales process that increases sales? Read on…. 

Creating a Sales Process

Last week I gave talk on the sales process and was able to share a few nuggets of information that I’ll share here:

A sales process is a roadmap that defines a specific set of steps for marketing and selling your product or service. Each step consists of several key activities that produce a predictable, measurable outcome.

You might be thinking:

What’s In It For Me?

Here’s the Nugget

When Creating a Sales Process

Begin with the end in mind

The end of the sales process is where the sale takes place. That is where you want your prospect to end up. Your entire sales funnel should be designed so that the prospect becomes more informed about your offer and is directed to where the sale takes place.

The sale might take place online, over the phone, at your place of business, in the prospects home etc…

I realize this is just a beginning and I would be happy to continue the conversation. Schedule a quick call here.

Till next time, be safe, and Go Out and Do Something!

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–    Joe