Eliminate Platitudes in 2019

Platitudes are everywhere. In flyers, websites, e-mails, TV commercials. Words they are, just words. Over used words. Words that over time and over use have almost no value. 

They may be general like the examples below or they might be specific to your industry.

Platitude Definition

Does your material include an abundance of platitudes?  Try these two quick tests:

Test 1: If you see the same words on your competitors’ websites, flyers, etc.… as are on your marketing materials, you are guilty of using platitudes.

Test 2: If you read marketing material and can say something like “I should hope so” or “so does everyone else”, raise the Platitude alert flag.


  • “We provide top notch service”   I should hope so.
  • “We guarantee our service”   So does everyone else.
  • “Bonded and insured”  Of course, who would hire you if you were not.
  • “In business for over 100 years”  Um, so what, so was Sears.

See what I’m talking about? These words and phrases tell the customer almost nothing.

Why is this important?

I’ll admit some platitudes may be important but they are not so important and earth shattering that they need to be emphasized on the marketing material.

What should be emphasized is what you do for the prospect because that is the only thing they care about.  Their attention should be captured and held with what is important to them, that’ll keep them engaged and not “clicking away”.