What is Effective Marketing?

This past week someone asked me what I thought effective marketing is.. Thought I’d share my answer.

Effective Marketing

Marketing is most effective when your target market is reached and your message speaks directly to them.

But there is more: Because even when I have seen marketing efforts get the message right the call to action is often the same as millions of others in the same industry. It is probably some variation of “call me” “set up a free appointment” etc. That is OK for the “NOW” buyer in some industries, like if I am locked out of my car, or my air conditioner broke in July.

For most of us “NOW buyers” represent only 1-5% of our market

Most future clients are looking at your marketing material and researching the market, they aren’t ready or don’t want to call you yet. Have you ever called on an ad just to get further information and wished you hadn’t? If you are like me you hesitate and delay making that call.

Your services will be employed or your products bought once the prospect is sure that you are the best option to solve their problem or get them the results they want, at a fair price for the value you offer. Your job is to convince the prospect that you can get them the results they want and your offer has the most value at a fair price.

It’s not about the cheapest, but the most value. People don’t make decisions based on price alone, if that were true we would all be driving Yugos, living in trailers, and eating dinner at McDonalds. So, back the question at hand: how are you going to convince your prospects that your offer has the most BANG for the BUCK?

Want to know more? see this Short video

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